Sorry, just became a little nostalgic <3

This is my former class, just a week before graduation. It’s a tradition in our hometown to dress up as something that begins with the last letter in your class name, and then make a show out of it. Some guys in the class mixed the song, others made the choreography, and others made the batmobile.
We where ES08Batman… quite obvious. Can’t believe it already been a year…

Oh… good times <3
(we even had the batmobile and WHY SO SERIOUS /in swedish/ on our graduation ride hahaha) 

Gawhd! I remember when we first tried out our bat-suits, I couldn’t stop laughing because they looked more like a grasshopper-suit then a bat-suit. Mine were way to big and I almost couldn’t walk in it.
OH! I remember when we made the batmobile!! We tried to keep it a secret from the other classes… Idk… I think we were able to keep it a secret for weeks anyway. 
Too bad it’s blurry… Oh well… We had a blast! :D